HGLA- Climbing Sports Camp @ Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Oct 10 @ 4:00 pm – Oct 16 @ 12:00 pm

**Participants must be selected for a program, and availability is subject to change. Please contact Event PoC with any questions!**

Our week-long outdoor therapeutic recreation programs support those experiencing symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, and/or Polytrauma. The program is designed to help you discover a renewed sense of belonging, improve quality of life, and connect you with a community.


HGLA October Climbing Sports Program for Male & Female Veterans

  • Who: 9 veterans
  • What: A week of recreational therapy through climbing and camping — no experience necessary
  • When: October 10-16, 2020
  • Where: Joshua Tree National Park, CA
  • Accommodations:  camping, tents sleeping bags provided
  • Cost: HG covers all related costs, including travel costs for veteran participants
  • Veterans must first apply here!


A few notes about our program

  • Registration: Our programs are for veterans with symptoms of PTSD, TBI, MST, and/or polytrauma. If you would like to attend a program, you must first register on our website here. From there, a Participant Coordinator will be in contact with you regarding available opportunities for you. If you have already registered but your contact information has changed, please let us know so we can continue to inform you of upcoming programs! Just email Kris@highergroundusa.org with any relevant changes.
  • One-Time Experience: Due to our lengthy waitlist, we are only able to provide one week-long program. We provide resources to find recreation in your home community, as well as 3 years of follow-up after you have completed our program.
  • Recreational Therapy: Our programs incorporate daily group discussions to reflect on the impact of recreation, typically they last about an hour right before dinner.

For more information, watch our video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8gSBrgqIzQ